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We treat your home like it was our own!


Toma and Sons was started as a way for a father and his sons to do something worthwhile together. It has grown over twenty years to become our way of making a living, making memories with our children and hopefully making a difference. We pride ourselves on being a part of the solution. Practicing environmentally friendly gardening our goal is to help to preserve and restore our natural landscapes and habitats in South East Michigan.


We love being able to beautify people's lives through landscaping. And we take it as an opportunity to go beyond "landscaping" and reshape backyards into refuges for native birds and pollinators. Therefore helping to rebalance our local eco-systems. Through properly addressing drainage issues and recommending native plant options we are restoring our environment one yard at a time. 

Meet Our Team


Dante Toma               Jodi Toma

Dante made this his life continuing the business he started with his dad. He is the drainage expert and the one you will find in the field most of the time. He is also our construction expert. He is very knowledgeable and great at creative solutions. Dante is passionate about doing the right thing and doing things the right way the first time. 


Jodi performs the behind the scenes duties in the office and you might see her working in a rain garden. She is passionate about the benefits of going native and is working on expanding to include offering natives grown in our own local nursery. 

Husband and wife team with three kids, trying to navigate raising a family and running a business at the same time. We try to include our kids whenever possible to pass on our knowledge, teach them skills  and just promote togetherness, loyalty, and bonding. 


In loving memory of our good friend Eric Cook, our most favorite employee. We only had the pleasure to know Eric a short time. But we know he would still be with us on this journey today if he were still here. Forever a part of our team, this page feels incomplete without him on it. 

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